Success Stories

Make Better Business Decisions: A spare parts supplier has been able to reduce inventory levels by over Rs. 1 Crore ($150K) unlocking dead stock
into cash and making the business more profitable

Protect your Proprietary and Sensitive Information: An aerospace component manufacturer has been able to reassure their foreign technology partner that they have excellent control over proprietary information. This has enabled them to expand their product offerings as the technology partner is now more willing to share sensitive technical information knowing it is well protected
Reduce turnround times: A Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) manufacturer has been able to take 2 weeks off his manufacturing cycle by integrating all departments on ERPNext. Quicker deliveries has translated into happier customers, increased repeat orders and lower costs.

Here's how ERPNext can help

Improve Productivity, Efficiency while reducing errors: A textile manufacturer converts a Sales Order into a Delivery Note/Packing Slip with a click, reducing the time taken to make a transaction by over 60% and errors by over 80%.
Know your Cost of Goods Sold: A stone crushing equipment manufacturer knows the exact cost of building his machines and the components of the cost. Armed with this information, the organization has been able to set realistic and achievable targets for it’s Procurement division to reduce costs by 5%, saving the company over Rs. 2.5 Crores ($375K).
Traceability: A medical supplies manufacturer has been able to demonstrate complete traceability of raw materials used in the manufacturing process, thereby complying with regulations and increasing their customer base.